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The New Culinarian offers luxury travel for the gourmet enthusiast. Our tours combine culinary training in professional kitchens, VIP access to the best restaurants and Chefs, with accommodations fit for the most discerning traveler.

Chef Goodenough:

The New Culinarian is the brainchild of Chef Jason Goodenough. A native New Yorker, Chef spent his culinary career creating exquisite cuisine at top rated restaurants across the country, as well as his highly regarded New Orleans bistro Carrollton Market. In 2020,  Chef was ready for a new challenge, and set off to bring his culinary expertise, love of travel, and passion for New Orleans cuisine to a greater audience.

Awards & Nominations:

  • New Orleans Magazine Chef of the Year 2017

  • Times-Picayunes Top 10 Restaurants for 2018

  • New Orleans Eater Essential-38 Restaurant for six quarters.

  • 3 time invited Chef at the James Beard House

  • Graduate of the Culinary Institute of America

  • Resident Bad Ass Chef!